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Can head lice fly or jump ?

NO ! Head lice never have wings and they are unable to jumpPeople tend to be afraid of head lice – and of children who may be infested by head lice.
But, these fears are based on myths and other bits of incorrect information.

We all learned as children that you could get lice by sharing a comb, brush, hat or other hair accessories, but head lice would rarely – if ever – transfer that way.
Children with head lice are often thought of as ‘dirty’, or that they must live in unclean homes.
In reality, head lice can occur on kids and adults whether they bathe daily or far less often, and regardless of how often or well the home is cleaned.

An itchy scalp is often thought of as a symptom of head lice, but everyone’s scalp itches every day – whether or not head lice are present.

So, if you have an itchy scalp, look for head lice and verify the identity of any creature you find to be sure it is, in fact, a head louse.

People also try home remedies and “natural” treatments to get rid of head lice – many of these methods are ineffective, messy, and sometimes dangerous.

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